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How we do it?

We want to hear about your wishes We want to hear about your wishes We want to hear about your wishes We want to hear about your wishes

We want to hear about your wishes

Tell us what you need. We look forward to hearing all about your ideas, visions, deadline, and budget.

Next step

We materialize the first ideas

All products are custom-made by our designers who turn ordinary things into beautiful pieces. We begin with the preparation of our design sketches. Later, 3D visualizations follow, so you can picture how your product‘s display will look like.

Next step

The birth of the first prototype

Thanks to our extensive technology park, the whole process is very fast and everything is made under one roof. We bring produced samples to our personal meetings. Here we go! In this phase, you still have the opportunity to interfere and propose some changes.

Next step

And finally the production!

If you requested some changes, we apply them and consequently start with serial production. In ORIK we are able to get even big orders done in a very short time. 96 % of our products we export to Scandinavia, Russia, and other countries. We are well experienced with commissions requiring big capacities. Choose ORIK to receive everything on time, without postponing your deadline.

Collaborate with us

We have spent more than

5 000
kg of wood
2 500
kg of metal
8 000
kg of plastic and glass
Contact us

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer your
questions and prepare independet price offer.

+421 905 439 709

ORIK, s.r.o.
Oravická 613, 028 01 Trstená
Slovenská republika