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Get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer your
questions and prepare independet price offer.

+421 905 439 709

ORIK, s.r.o.
Oravická 613, 028 01 Trstená
Slovenská republika

What can you expect from our POS solutions?


If you have an idea, feel free to share it with us. If you have a special need, we will help you come up with a creative POS solution using traditional or unusual materials.


We take care of the whole realization of your wishes, from an idea to serial production. We'll give you everything from a draft through the 3D model to the functional sample. The whole process is fully under control because we do it all in-house.


You get your products very quickly, and what is more important, within the deadline. We never postpone the delivery date.


In ORIK we have the best experience with the usage of multiple materials – PMMA (Plexiglass), metal, wood, leather, rubber and LED. In order to achieve a better effect, we can also combine them in a very skillful way.


We always travel to every customer with a prototype. Therefore we can promptly propose other solutions based on client's suggestions or additional wishes. Thanks to this, we are able to significantly shorten the whole production process.